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About : Olmo

As early as 1938, the year it tasted its second Milan-San Remo race victory, in Celle Ligure a three-storey building destined to become home to bicycle maker Olmo Cicli began to take shape, the result of the enthusiasm of Giuseppe Olmo and brothers Franco, Giovanni and Michele. And who better than a real, great racer like Gepin would know what kind of requirements riders have when facing a tough uphill track, what basic features make a bicycle a "good" one?

This is why ten years later OLMO bicycles attained extremely high levels of quality for their technical value and long-lasting durability, and were able to meet the most varied needs of all riders. In fact, despite the fact that they are mass-produced, the precision and care with which they are made, is worthy of the greatest "made in Italy" artisan tradition. At OLMO a meticulous production policy is respected: everything is made, changed, painted, assembled and refinished at the plant, and it all take place under the direct control of experts. A computer helps in the design of the models, but only to give our workers a hand. This is why each and every bicycle is wonderful and why building it is such a fantastic adventure: by creating bikes with love, we taste the sweetest of victories. At Celle Ligure, OLMO continues its incessant search for new, lighter materials, that ensure ever better results, such as titanium and composite fibers: carbon, and Kevlar, used in space exploration.
These new materials, before being sold to the customers, are tested in laboratory and then given to Olmo Teams in order to verify their security and strenght.

This is yet another act of love towards bicycles, which must keep up with the times, never fall behind, guaranteeing utmost performance to satisfy their owners. This policy is appreciated not only in Italy, but abroad as well, where OLMO bicycles are prestigiously renowned.

Olmo Carbon

Zeffiro VCT
Tecno KT

Olmo Alu/Carbon

Stardust Plus
Dynamic Plus

Olmo Alu


Olmo Steel

Millenium Plus
Vintage Pista
Scatto Classics

Olmo Jersey

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